Lily Allen has been stirring the publicity pot lately, so to speak. Everyone got all up in arms over her latest album, 'Sheezus.' The video for 'Hard Out Here' set her up for a public flogging, and her tweets agreeing with someone that the singles from 'Sheezus' were "rubbish" certainly didn't help.

But she hasn't let any of that stop her from maintaining a steady flow of super-catchy, conversation-starting tunes.

Today, she loaded 11 songs onto her SoundCloud, announcing the move viaTwitter.

Now, though, six of those songs are missing. No word yet on what happened to them or why they're gone now. We don't know if she decided the missing songs were more rubbish, or if she decided to save them for her next album.

The six missing songs were titled 'Falling Over Myself,' 'Happy,' 'Wanker!,' 'I'll Be Just Fine,' 'Yummy!' and 'If I Could Save Her From Her Sadness.'

These "old demos" seem like they might be pre-'Sheezus.' One track, 'Stop Right There,' is listed as a "rough idea," though it still sounds slickly produced. They're all pretty and worth a listen or three. We hope she puts the rest back up.

Here's what's left now. But listen quick before they disappear too.