"I've been at Glastonbury pretty much every year since I was born," notes Lily Allen at the beginning of her new video for 'As Long As I Got You,' as she flips through photos from her childhood, including one when she was six years old.

Allen's father, British actor Keith Allen, took her to the annual music festival when she was little, and since then, the 29-year-old singer has reached some major life milestones there -- like meeting her husband, the father of her two children.

The narrated slideshow eventually gives way to Allen's performance of 'As Long As I Got You,' the latest single from her new album 'Sheezus.' You can watch the video above.

Allen shot the video backstage and onstage at this year's Glastonbury festival. The clip starts with her walking around the grounds, mingling with fans, who dance to the song's poppy melody. It culminates in Allen's nighttime performance on the festival stage, where she performed the song.

"Glastonbury has always been a huge part of my life, and I wanted to make this video there to celebrate the spirit of the festival and also to show how my life has changed since the last time I played there," Allen said in a statement. "From being there as a child with my dad, to my wilder days in the 2000s, to this year when I was back on the Pyramid stage, and taking my husband and own daughters along!"

The nostalgic clip is a bit of a warm and fuzzy change for the often-outspoken Allen, whose last video, for the song 'URL Badman,' was pretty much a four-minute takedown of music bloggers. Check it out: