After generating a bit of controversy with her last single and video, Lily Allen embraces something way less controversial in her new video for 'Air Balloon.'

Last time out, Allen took on sexism in the music industry with 'Hard Out Here,' which included the lines, "Forget your balls and grow a pair of t--s / It’s hard out here for a b----.” Not so surprisingly, uptight folks around the world raised their pitchforks in anger at her use of the B-word, among other things.

In 'Air Balloon' -- which is presumably from her upcoming third album -- she launches into a way sunnier vibe, replacing the hip-hop-spiced 'Hard Out Here' single and video with a bit of safari cheer.

Zebras, cheetahs and a bunch of hairy dudes who appear stuck between wilderness survivalism and a chilled-out bro-down help celebrate the denim-shorted Allen as she makes her way across the wide-open plains and, eventually, launches into outer space.

The song itself is a casual slip back into the pop-leaning alt-rock Allen made on her first two albums. There's nothing too fussy or demanding going on here. But is that some M.I.A.-style singing we're hearing in there? And what's up with those mushrooms that sprout up during the video's last minute or so? Are they just happy to see Allen or what?

There are no firm details on Allen's third album yet. Her last record, 'It's Not Me, It's You,' was released five years ago. Since then, the British singer -- whose debut album was filled with enough dirty words to get it slapped with a Parental Advisory label -- has settled down a bit by becoming a mother.