Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the New Pornographers were an instant sensation among the indie scene when they released their debut album, 'Mass Romantic,' back in 2000. Subsequent albums fared well in the charts and now, after a nearly four-year wait, the A.C. Newman-fronted band returns with their much-anticipated sixth studio album, 'Brill Bruisers.'

The album is due out Aug. 26 via Matador and is now streaming early via iTunes radio. It's complete with catchy riffs galore and all the fluttering ups-and-downs that you'd expect, making for the perfect comeback record. Stream to the entire LP here.

Since the premiere of the title track in June, they've also released a sort-of unconventional music video -- for them, at least, since they're actually in it -- for the tune, 'War on the East Coast.' You can watch it in the video below.

Pre-order 'Brill Bruisers' at the New Pornographers' official website here.

Watch the New Pornographers' Official Music Video for 'War on the East Coast'