Little Bombs are a truly American rock duo born in the Midwest and raised on the East Coast. As he croons over rocksteady backbeats provided by drummer extraordinaire Derek Johnson, Kieren Smith balances ever so carefully between countrified Americana and the classic-rock stylings of Ryan Adams and the Boss. The two came together as their careers in prominent Minneapolis pop-rock groups came to an end. In a very natural progression, they traded in their kitschy power-pop past for a matured, creative future that would make Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers proud. Today we bring you 'Back Home,' the opening track from their self-titled, self-released album.

The twangy, mid-paced tune was a perfect choice for kicking off the album because of its bright, optimistic guitar line, which contrasts the stark lyrics in the hook, "We're all gonna die someday." This interesting dichotomy set the tone for the record as a whole.

"'Back Home' is a really important song for Little Bombs, because it was the first song that Kieren and I wrote together for this project, before we even knew what this project was," Derek Johnson tells "It was also the first song that got its own video."

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab 'Back Home' below.

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