With a sound that brings to mind ‘90s greats Failure and the jagged yet melodic hooks of ‘Antenna’-era Cave In, Little Bombs are getting a whole lotta love in Diffuser.fm HQ this week. Formed in 2010, the NYC group has one self-released album and an EP under the belts, and they recently spent time in the studio with producer Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung).

"I wanted to work with someone who had stuff going on that I liked currently, and that Japandroids album is pretty money,” says Little Bombs guitarist/vocalist Kieren Smith. “I really liked the guitar tones. Jesse's attention to detail is unbelievable, and his ear is really great. He can take ideas and make them into sounds better than anyone I've ever worked with. It came out exactly like I heard it in my head."

On Oct. 22, Little Bombs drop a 10-inch featuring two songs tracked at those sessions: ‘Strange’ and ‘My Oxygen.’ The band has made a video for the latter, and Diffuser.fm is pleased to bring you the official premiere. Check it out above, and catch up with the self-professed Snapple-loving fuzz enthusiasts over at Facebook.