San Diego duo Little Hurricane have been tearing up the U.S. touring circuit for the past three years, honing their dirty ditties on the road. Back in 2011, they released their debut album, 'Homewrecker,' entering the indie market as masters of the two-piece blues format.

Lil' Cane have plans to drop a new record in early 2014, but until then, they've got a collection of cover songs to tide us over. Whether they're putting a reggae spin on CCR's 'Bad Moon Rising,' doing a shred-heavy rendition of Bill Withers' 'Aint No Sunshine' or taking on the Boss, these kids know how to sprinkle new spice on old dishes.

Now, covering Springsteen is tricky stuff, but Little Hurricane weren't afraid to reimagine the 1985 single 'I'm on Fire.' All of the synthy seasoning has been stripped away, with just an understated guitar and lush drums left behind. It's a gentler, sweeter take on one of Bruce's best.

"We love putting our own spin on classic songs," the band tells Diffuser. "'I'm on Fire' by Bruce Springsteen stands out to us as his best song, even if it's his shortest. We recorded our own version in one take. It's a little slower than the original, and we added some harmonies in the chorus that we feel capture our sound. Raw, simple and honest."

Check out the single below, and head over to Little Hurricane's Facebook page to find the rest of their excellent covers album.

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