Living Colour has announced their latest album Shade will be released Sept. 8 by Megaforce Records.

This is the sixth studio album for the funk-metal band, who announced the news on their Facebook page. Vocalist Corey Glover recently told our sister site Loudwire about the problems the encountered in bringing Shade into the light. "It took us almost four years to make this record," he said. "We went through problems with managers, with record companies and schedules — it just took forever and finally we got it done. I can’t wait to get that process over with so I can go back and start working on new stuff again, personally, and just start writing new things. Part of the process was that we weren’t going to compromise on a lot of stuff. There were some sonic things that we weren’t going to compromise on; we needed to get it right.”

They had originally intended to release Shade in 2014. As it neared completion, they booked a tour, with guitarist Vernon Reid talking up the new album. "Shade is the sound of a band coming to terms with its shadows and light," he said. "From the blue pulpit of Robert Johnson to the mean red streets of Brooklyn to the golden lure of Hollywood, Shade is the next chapter of a unique American journey."

Living Colour is currently on tour in Australia, and will be returning for U.S. dates on May 21 that will run through July. The day of Shade's release, they will begin a month-long European tour. For full information, visit their website.

The record will be available for download and in stores on Sept. 8. You can now pre-order CDs or vinyl formats for Shade on Amazon.

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