Living Colour have released "Come On" ahead of the blues-inspired Shade, their first new album in some eight years. Listen to this topical new song below.

Frontman Corey Glover says time away following 2009's Chair in the Doorway allowed the rootsy Shade to grow, both musically and lyrically.

"Even when we started this record there were a lot of things going on in the world, period, that needed to be talked about – and it just sort of ratcheted up as we progressed," he told Billboard. "That made us have to really look at this stuff and go back and make sure it really did emphasize certain things, make sure it was working."

Sessions for the new album, which was again helmed by Chair in the Doorway co-producer Andre Betts, happened "in fits and starts" before Living Colour finally nailed down the 13-song running order. "We spent a great deal of time fretting over a lot of stuff and trying to make sure it says exactly what we wanted to say," Glover said, "and that we play it the way we wanted to play it."

Throughout, they took a distinctly personal approach to a classic American musical style, Glover said. The result is "a long look at the blues and its incarnations, musically as well as emotionally. It's Living Colour's blues ... our version of Chicago blues, our version of Delta blues," he added. "The blues evolved in various ways for various people: For some people, the blues turned into hard rock and heavy metal. For some people, the blues turned into hip-hop. For some people, the blues turned into R&B and soul music. But it all comes from the same place."

Tour dates in support of Shade, set to coincide with the album release, are expected across North and South America, and Europe.

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