Nothing like a missed connection to make a man pour his heart out in a song. And that's exactly what happens in Love Crushed Velvet's new video for 'Bye Bye Baby.'

The video takes us inside a relationship between A.L.X., the band's frontman, and his shoe-designing girlfriend. While we're not sure why they're no longer together, A.L.X. tries to get in contact with her to possibly patch things up.

Unfortunately, we never see the two meet at the end, and she walks away, pretty much closing the book on their relationship. Whether it's his fault or hers, we do see him writing a letter to his "dearest" about how he wants to make amends and get their relationship back on track.

Looking more like a music video from the late '80s or '90s than something more modern, 'Bye Bye Baby' -- which is making an exclusive premiere here -- boasts closeups of the singer delivering a passionate performance by himself in various small areas (and is that a boiler room we spot in one shot?).

We also see some scenes of Love Crushed Velvet's other members performing, but they don't factor into the story much. 'Bye Bye Baby' is the latest single off the New York band's recent EP Delusions.