The new Lowe's commercial in which a woman rolls out her entire backyard like a carpet features an upbeat song about making sunshine from a young singer/songwriter.

Alyssa Bonagura's 'I Make My Own Sunshine' is the theme music for the ad, which begins when a woman looks outside at her boring backyard and goes down to the basement to grab a carpet. When she unrolls it, the entire backyard appears, with a sidewalk made of stones, huge flower beds and a bird bath. If only gardening were truly that easy!

"It don’t matter if it’s raining / Nothing can phase me / I make my own sunshine," Bonagura sings as the action unfolds. The spot touts Lowe's as the best place to shop for yard and home improvement supplies.

Bonagura, a 24-year-old unsigned artist from Nashville, recently raised more than $9,500 on Kickstarter to help fund her next album. She has performed at Bonnaroo, and her Facebook page contains a testimonial from Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, who calls her “stunning, original, a future star in the making.”

Bonagura has been reveling in the attention her commercial has attracted since it began airing a few days ago. She tweeted, "I was just getting my nails done and and all the sudden heard my commercial. FRIGGIN SURREAL." She also tweeted Carson Daly, requesting a performance slot on his show, and begged Lowe's to sponsor her entire tour. It never hurts to ask, right?

Watch Alyssa Bonagura's 'I Make My Own Sunshine' in the Lowe's Spring Storage Commercial

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