When it comes to the Lumineers, Stelth Ulvang and Ben Wahamaki "jumped on right in time," as the pianist and bassist explained to Diffuser.fm during a recent sit-down at Mountain Jam 2013. Two years ago, when Ulvang and Wahamaki met founders Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, the band was still playing open-mic nights in Denver. Now, of course, they're Grammy-nominated superstars -- the biggest folk-pop act not called Mumford and Sons -- and their hit 'Ho Hey' is all over the place.

In the video Q&A below (conducted by Diffuser.fm contributor Will Levith), Ulvang and Wahamaki discuss the Lumineers' origins and future recording plans. They also touch on Colorado's new weed laws, Kanye West, onstage electrocution and the reasons they're not worried about being seen as one-hit wonders.

Watch Our Interview With the Lumineers at Mountain Jam 2013

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