M.I.A. steers away from the technicolor closeups featured in her 'Y.A.L.A.' video from last year and returns to the more familiar, and chaotic, documentary approach in the new 'Double Bubble Trouble' clip.

Directed by M.I.A. herself, the new video features quick cuts, double shots and neon freeze frames for a totally low-fi-looking clip. With a fair amount of political undertones, 'Double Bubble Trouble' also includes 3-D printers making multicolored guns, teens taking selfies and people blowing some awesome smoke bubbles.

You can watch the video above.

Not so surprisingly, M.I.A. has been plugging the video, and her direction, on Twitter.

'Double Bubble Trouble' is the latest single from M.I.A.'s fourth album, 2013's 'Matangi.' She's gearing up to hit the road for a bunch of festival dates and headlining shows soon, starting with the Sasquatch Festival on May 24. You can find all of her tour dates here.

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