The above video, one in a series titled 'Made in America' and sponsored by Budweiser, gathers up some of the most important figures from the underground music scene in Minnesota to discuss what makes the area so great.

Former Husker Du co-founder Bob Mould compares Minneapolis to another iconic American city. "The Twin Cities, and Minneapolis in particular, was comparable to Detroit in the '60s," Mould says. "It wasn't just punk rock or Twin/Tone, and it wasn't just Paisley Park and Prince."

In the mini doc, Mould returns to the building where Husker Du used to rehearse, which was once a record store and is now a hair salon. He finds the basement where they once played to be quite different. It has been renovated and is full of people getting haircuts and watching a big, flat-panel television. There's a record store next door to the salon, though.

Replacements bass player Tommy Stinson talks about how his brother, late Replacements guitarist Bob Stinson, used candy bars and sodas to bribe Tommy into learning how to play the bass. Now Tommy Stinson, along with resuming his bass duties in the Replacements, plays with Guns N' Roses. In the video, he gives all the credit for his success to his big brother Bob.

And finally, the Hold Steady's Craig Finn talks about both of those classic bands' influences and how the Minnesota scene affected his group's sound.

The Budweiser 'Made in America' series covers cities all across the country, documenting the United States' rich history of rock music.