Magic Hour is the solo project of former Walter Meego producer Colin Yarck, and his new debut, 'Remember Harder,' is simply excellent. Mostly electronic, the album is bathed in tones so warm you'll want to jump in and roll around, and the songs are so instantly seductive you'll hit repeat as soon as the record ends. Today we get a free sample of 'So High.'

"This is a song I made about someone in my life who is no longer someone in my life," Yarck tells of 'So High.' But while there's pathos in the song, it doesn't feel tragic. Though the lyrics are tough to make out as they bubble up through Yarck's gorgeous production treatment, we imagine the loss 'So High' expresses being a celebration of something great instead of being about sorrow.

'Remember Harder' lands somewhere in the general vicinity of Rostam Batmanglij's much-praised 2009 project Discovery, but the emotion in 'So Hig'" is more potent, the sounds warmer and the texture maybe even more nuanced. Grab 'So High' as a free download below.

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