Why bother with the Grammys when you can find five sweet new songs to listen to (and never have to see John Mayer) right here? Oh, right: Beck and Chris Martin are performing together. Well, that could be half-cool, but there's also a good chance the Grammy for best album of the year won't actually go to the best album of the year.

Still, if none of that means a single thing to you and you're just in the market for brand new music, you've clicked on the right link.


'Autodidact' from 'I Wasn't Born to Lose You'

The only way to hear a more authentic '90s guitar line is with a time machine -- or, you know, an album from the '90s. But this is brand new music from Swervedriver, the reunited British shoegaze outfit set to return with their first record in 17 years. We've already heard a few tracks from 'I Wasn't Born to Lose You,' but 'Autodidact' is a jangly breath of nostalgia that masterfully straddles the line between depressing and uplifting.


'Love and Leave it Alone'

Up until this week, you needed a turntable and a copy of Royal Blood's 'Figure it Out' 7-inch to hear the raucous B-side, 'Love and Leave it Alone.' But the Brighton garage duo made it a whole lot easier when they posted the song (along with three other rarities) on YouTube. Although, they might've just been buttering everyone up for the premiere of their incredible 'Out of the Black' video. 


'Multi-Love' from 'Multi-Love'

Valentine's Day must be fun for Unknown Mortal Orchestra frontman Ruban Nielson. With 2013's 'II,' the indie-psych outfit tackled the agony of being alone, but a press release for their upcoming album said 'Multi-Love' will take on "the complications of being together." Check out the title track to the album, which drops May 26.


'Slipstream' from 'Space is Still the Place'

Speaking of psychedelia, Austin's the Bright Light Social Hour have been churning out their own soulful, Southern-tinged brand for a decade now. But the upcoming 'Space is Still the Place' will be the just the second album from the quartet known for their transcendent live shows. Their new single, 'Slipstream,' is like the soundtrack to some crazy sci-fi Western.


'Dance 4 a Dollar' from 'Dance 4 a Dollar'

While we haven't heard anything from Wavves since 2013, frontman Nathan Williams has been downright prolific in the interim. His side-project Spirit Club released a single last month and his electronic outfit Sweet Valley will unveil a five-track collaboration with synth-pop artist MNDR on Feb. 24. Check out the glitchy title track.

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