Back after a three-year hiatus in the Minnesota State Penitentiary, Brooklyn's Manny Nash is killing it with his new mixtape, 'REGULATE.'

After a much-talked-about debut, the EP 'Gimme That Tuna Donut,' the future looked extremely bright for the up-and-coming MC. Unfortunately, his trajectory changed drastically after he and his court-appointed counsel unsuccessfully fought charges of disorderly conduct and possession of a dangerous weapon. That wasn't going to stop Manny, though, and he's back on the scene with a positive new outlook on life and the rap game.

"It's great to be back in Brooklyn after clearing my name up in the 'sota," Nash told "I'm stoked to be spending significant time in my home studio, sippin' on bourbon and rippin' hard beats. I'm back to business and showing the blogosphere world how I've been honing my craft in the past three years. Rock 'n' roll has long been a friend of mine, but with hip-hop as my main outlet, I think we can all agree that it is now time to regulate."

'REGULATE' is expected to drop in early 2013, but until then, peep the remastered version of 'From the 'Sota' below.

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