When Marah in the Mainsail, a Minneapolis indie-folk quartet, say their debut EP, ‘Devil Weeds & Dour Deeds,’ is a concept album, comparisons with the Decembrists and Mumford and Sons immediately spring to mind, and rightfully so. But the foursome take a decidedly more aggressive tone than their indie-folk contemporaries, offering bluegrass-folk infused with punk and hardcore influences. The outcome allows them stand out from the pack.

There’s nothing tortured or ethereal about Marah’s interpretation of the genre. The band’s element of darkness is the driving force behind songs like ‘Drag You Down,’ a track off the forthcoming EP we're giving away as today’s free MP3 download. Without it, the record's concept — a story that plays out like an old Western — just wouldn’t translate.

“‘Drag You Down’ is the third track off our upcoming concept EP titled, ‘Devil Weeds & Dour Deeds,” Austin Durry told Diffuser.fm, “telling the tale of a wanted criminal looking for justice in the old West.”

‘Devil Weeds & Dour Deeds’ drops May 20.

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