Marching Band go for a sweet, simple and kinda sad approach for the video to their latest single 'Die in My Arms.' It all sorta belies the cheery tune playing the whole time.

Directed by band member Jacob Lind, the video -- an exclusive premiere that you can watch above -- shows a man with his two boys cycling through the streets of Sweden. We think he's just on a leisure ride, but then he stops at a park to pick some flowers.

Things take a somber turn when the trio ends up at a cemetery. While we're not sure who they're paying respects to (the children's mother is our guess), the video ends with the trio heading to the edge of a big rock to look out in the city. Which is kinda uplifting and redemptive.

'Die in My Arms' comes from the Swedish indie-pop duo's most recent album, 'So Much Imagine,' which is out now.