Marilyn Manson has a new name for his next album — and tentative plans to get it in stores later this year.

Manson shared the news on the red carpet at a premiere event for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, director Guy Ritchie's new, Charlie Hunnam-led revisionist spin on the venerable tale. In the midst of a suitably strange interview that later veered into a discussion of his pet peeves and his feelings about MTV, he revealed the new album — his 10th studio release — is now titled Heaven Upside Down. He had previously suggested that it would be called SAY10.

Deeming the record "finished," Manson didn't offer details regarding a release date, but he did remind viewers that he's "going on tour in July," which would seem to suggest a summer arrival for the album. If that pans out, it'll be in line with expectations created by a cryptic social media post Manson made earlier this year.

As previously reported, Manson's Instagram feed made headlines in March, when he posted a photo with the caption "6:19. The time has come." Although June 19 doesn't fall on a Friday this year, and would therefore make for an unusual release date for a record, it isn't like Manson hasn't gone off the beaten path before. On the other hand, the album's vaguely biblical title could offer a framework for song titles patterned after its chapter-verse structure; it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if Heaven Upside Down's first single ended up being called "6:19."

Manson's summer tour is scheduled to begin July 20 in Budapest and continue through Aug. 12, when his currently announced live commitments conclude in Landerneau, France. Keep an eye on his official site for complete ticketing information.

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