Since his 2008 record 'The Island Moved in the Storm,' singer-songwriter Matt Bauer has split his time between Brooklyn, Austin, Arkansas and Kentucky, working without a solid home base. Much of his new EP, 'No Shape Can Hold Me Now,' centers on themes of travel and finding home. His track 'Tonight We Get to Sing Our Songs' is about finding himself in a new city, awash in the spirit of adventure.

'Tonight We Get to Sing Our Songs' is a contemplative tune with an interesting arrangement -- something like a bass clarinet fills out the bottom range.

"I wrote 'Tonight' while i was on touring in a friend's band," Bauer tells "I'd just had an amazing day exploring a new city with my bandmates and just felt really grateful to have the chance to play music and sing every night and see all these new places. It's one of the most straightforward songs I've written, even though some of the imagery is pretty odd -- the cathedral made of lava, the kids skateboarding, harmonizing to a police siren were all real. The song is also something I told myself I shouldn't do -- write self-referential songs about music and touring. But I just wanted to write about this feeling."


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