With all the ‘90s nostalgia going around, it’s about time someone gave us a dose of '80s-inspired acoustic rock. Nashville singer-songwriter Matt Wertz has done just that with his eighth long-player, ‘Heatwave.’

Wertz doesn’t mask his fondness for ‘80s heroes in the new album — far from it. They were the driving inspiration behind ‘Heatwave,’ which landed in late August on the singer's label, Handwritten Records. He channels Kenny Loggins and Bryan Adams, bringing back that crisp, guitar-driven sound.

‘Heatwave’’s opening track, ‘Get to You,’ however, makes us think of Don Henley circa ‘Boys of Summer.’ You can download the track below, but you may need to rock a pair of aviators and acid-wash dad jeans to fully appreciate the anthemic track and Wertz’s clean-cut vocals. According to the singer, we wouldn’t be far donning said pants and sunglasses, as Wertz wanted the song to remind listeners of a certain 1986 Tom Cruise flick.

“‘Get to You’ was my best swing at writing a song that would fit on the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack,” Wertz tells Diffuser.fm. “I just couldn’t stop listening to songs like ‘Danger Zone’ (Kenny Loggins) and ‘Shoulda Known Better’ (Richard Marx), and this was the result.”

In true ‘80s fashion, Wertz released a limited edition ‘Heatwave’ cassette — autographed Walkman player included! If that’s not your thing, you can also grab it digitally, as well as on CD or vinyl.

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