Last year, we learned it’s possible to transform your average tortilla into an actual, functioning record. Now, Matthew Herbert has created his own, and it's the first in a series of “edible sounds.”

The British electronic producer has made 12, um, copies of his playable tortillas. If you have an appetite, however, you would do best to leave the tortilla on the turntable. Herbert says it’s “playable on normal hifi” but “unlikely to be delicious.”

Herbert has made a career out of finding music in the most unlikely places. In 2001, Bodily Functions featured sounds created from manipulating human hair and skin. It's not even his first time fusing food with his work. Plat du Jour was created using various food items as his instruments, recording in farms and the ilk. His 2011 album One Pig chronicled the life cycle of a pig. And if you prefer reading descriptions of your music rather than hearing it, Herbert is currently crowdfunding for his next album -- which will actually be a book.