Throughout Matthew Ryan's career, the singer-songwriter has always had a way to venture deep into the human spirit. That tradition -- one that is unafraid to look at the darkness in life without basking in its shade -- is alive and well on Ryan's latest full-length effort, Boxers, which hit the streets in October 2014. Today (July 13), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with Ryan to debut the latest music video from the album; check out the mesmerizing visuals for "Suffer No More" in the video above.

Directed by Marco North, "Suffer No More" finds Ryan's music as the soundtrack for an honest peek into love and life. "Beautiful and smart, and a little mysterious too, I love what Marco and the actors did for "Suffer No More," Ryan explains. "The song is about how money can sometimes become a third member in a relationship. Dreams delayed, loss of a job or there's just not enough and the rent's late; suddenly what was warm can get dark and tense, despondent. You gotta choose love or you're sunk."

As for the video itself, Ryan tells us North shot it in Moscow "with some great Russian actors, which I feel helps to enunciate the shared humanity I hoped to communicate in the song. I love the story he's telling: strong women and hopeful men at some intersection in their lives. There's relief and a cautionary tale in there too. It feels like an epic short film was built around the characters in a song that's three minutes and 30 seconds long."

"Suffer No More" is just one of many tracks that exemplifies Ryan's ability to tell unforgettable stories in a matter of minutes. If you like what you hear (and see), make sure to pick up Boxers at his official Bandcamp -- and then catch Matthew Ryan and the Northern Wires on the road with the Gaslight Anthem this summer. You can grab details on everything happening in Ryan's world here.

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