Following the 2014 release of ‘Hold It In,’ the Melvins have announced a pair of double-LP reissues of some of the Washington punk rockers’ early recordings, which precede their move to Atlantic for 1993’s ‘Houdini.’

The vinyl package -- which encompasses 1989’s ‘Ozma,’ 1991’s ‘Bullhead' and ‘Eggnog,' and 1992’s ‘Lice-All’ -- will arrive Jan. 20 via Boner Records.

The first set will include ‘Ozma’ -- the first album to feature bassist Lori Temple Black -- and ‘Bullhead’ remastered in their entirety, plus the original artwork, never-before-seen photos and a complimentary download of the albums.

The second set of reissues includes the ‘Eggnog’ EP and ‘Lice-All’ -- originally released under the name ‘Lysol.’ The latter was the Melvins' last album on Boner Records before signing with Atlantic, and it was their first to feature Joe Preston on bass. The double-LPs will also come with rare photos of the band and the original album artwork.

Check out the expansive track list below:

1. 'Vile'
2. 'Oven'
3. 'At A Crawl'
4. 'Let God Be Your Gardener'
5. 'Creepy Smell'
6. 'Kool Legged'
7. 'Green Honey'
8. 'Agonizer'
9. 'Raise a Paw'
10. 'Love Thing'
11. 'Ever Since My Accident'
12. 'Revulsion / We Reach'
13. 'Dead Dressed'
14. 'Cranky Messiah'
15. 'Claude'
16. 'My Small Percent Shows Most'
17. 'Candy-O'
18. 'Boris'
19. 'Anaconda'
20. 'Ligature'
21. 'It's Shoved'
22. 'Zodiac'
23. 'If I Had an Exorcism'
24. 'Your Blessened'
25. 'Cow'

1. Wispy'
2. Antitoxidote'
3. Hog Leg'
4. Charmicarmicat'
5. 'Hung Bunny / Roman Bird Dog / Sacrifice / Second Coming / The Ballad Of Dwight Fry / With Teeth'

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