No, this isn't a song from a PBS Children's Television Workshop tribute album.

Sludge purveyors the Melvins (frontman Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover) have enlisted Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary and bassist J.D. Pinkus to contribute to their upcoming 23rd full-length, 'Hold it In,' and the new supergroup is now streaming their latest song, 'Sesame Street Meat' -- which has nothing to do with Snuffleupagi. Check it out below:

“This track is one of the first songs we recorded together,” Crover told the Quietus. “I love [J.D.'s] slinky little bass line that comes in around the third measure! Then the whole band kicks in and just crushes you like a bug! One of my faves! I can’t wait to play it live!”

The band have also released another song from the album called 'Brass Cupcake.' Check it out right here:

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