Grunge forefathers Melvins are lucky their music is pretty timeless. Back in 1998, the band began work on an album with godheadSilo bassist Mike Kunka but drummer Dale Crover told Exclaim! TV they abandoned it when Kunka "kind of disappeared." But now that he's back, Melvins have put the finishing touches on the album and plan to release it on Sub Pop. It'll be the first full-length the band put out on the iconic Seattle grunge label.

"We had done the basic tracks for it and then he just kind of disappeared," Crover said. "And then recently he came out of the woodwork and wanted to finish the record, and we just finished that up." The band reportedly added more vocals and a few overdubs, but Crover said, "Most of it was already there. I think it came out really good."

Frontman Buzz Osborne said listening to the songs again was like hearing them for the first time. "Honestly, I didn't remember writing some of the songs at all," he said. "I know I wrote a lot of them, but I don't remember at all writing [some of] them."

Melvins had been asked about the recordings in the past, but assumed the album would never be released. Watch the interview below.