When the Men got set to put out a music video for their next single, 'Different Days,' they decided to let their fans take charge of the creative direction.

Not too long ago, the Brooklyn-based indie rockers put out a call for fan-made videos to accompany the song, which is on their latest album, 'Tomorrow's Hits.' After sifting through tons of entries, they went with Berlin director Helge Mundt's choice, which you can watch above.

And we don't blame them at all for choosing her video. The smooth transitions between the shots and Mundt's various camera angles make it a visual treat. The narrative seems kinda simple on the surface -- a guy goes through his day with a skateboard and camera -- but it's effective, putting you in his shoes.

Second place went to Heather Sanders for her neon-soaked clip for the song. You can see that one here:

And Joseph Grahame and Nicole Paciello took third place for their hazy-viewed entry. That one is here:

They're all kinda awesome, no? The Men are kick off their North American tour today in Cleveland and will roll throughout the country until June 7, when they wrap up in Washington, D.C.