Don't let the name throw you: Tara Tati doesn't play power chords or face-melting guitar solos. It's not that she's anti-metal -- in fact, she's a fan of the genre -- but when the Oakland avant-pop warrior princess picked her pseudonym, she sought to emphasize her fierceness, something that comes across on 'Mind_Off,' today's free MP3 download.

Due to appear on Metal Mother's sophomore album, 'Ionika,' the song sets Tati's haunting vocals against a cool and mysterious electro-pop backing. The new record doesn't drop until early next year, but Tati will offer a preview this evening (Dec. 1) at the Milk Bar in San Francisco. She might also share some of the positive vibes that inspired 'Mind_Off.'

"To be an outspoken optimist these days is nothing less than heroic, albeit highly unfashionable," Tati tells "This song is about the people who keep looking up in the face of unprecedented levels of natural destruction, corporate corruption, war and worst of all, apathy.”

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