Though Metric’s ‘Synthetica’ arrived more than a year ago, the Canadian indie rockers are just now releasing a video for ‘Lost Kitten.’ It depicts a colorful journey through the streets of Mexico City, as the clip’s hero — Canadian dancer and actor Sheldon McIntosh — searches for his house mother.

As Metric frontwoman and Broken Social Scene singer Emily Haines appropriately sings, “You’ve got my eyes,” McIntosh asks passersby if they’ve seen his mother. Although he’s only able to describe her as an “angel,” one woman points him in the right direction. To celebrate their reunion, McIntosh busts out his best vogueing moves while traveling on boat in the Mexico City canals.

The Sammy Rawal-directed clip arrives on the heels of Metric’s new instrumental album ‘Synthetica Reflections,' a companion to 'Reflections,' and their Synthetica app, which allows users to remix the album’s songs.