Philly trio Metropolis America calls their sound “cold pop,” as it’s their modern interpretation of the Cold War era in the U.S. They're possibly referring to the tension built between their smartly crafted, electro-infused pop songs and frontman Cristian Mora’s deadpan vocals.

Global military and political stalemates aside, Mora -- drummer Rick Eddy and guitarist Greg Kinter -- have created some super-catchy and accessible songs. One of their new singles, ‘Bittersweet’ (download below), is so accessible, in fact, it tackles one of the most common and affecting forms of love: falling for your bestie.

“The song is about all of the emotions that surface when you realize you might be in love with your best friend,” Mora tells “It’s exciting, confusing, possibly heartbreaking. It happens to so many people that we figured it was time to write a song about it.”

Just like the rise and fall of that emotional roller coaster, the song bounces up and down, effortlessly capturing this ‘Bittersweet’ feeling. All the while, listeners will hear the band’s electric showmanship coming through the speakers loud and clear.

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