From what we can hear on the bootleg viewable below, MGMT’s new song 'Alien Days’ has a gentle circus sideshow quality -- it might have soundtrack future for a show about clowns playing in an electro playground. While not quite so terrifying as that image, the video's sound quality is rather scary -- from what we can tell, though, the song's (probably) good.

MGMT are on the other side of the equator for a South American tour, and the video comes from the band’s recent set at Colombia’s Festival Estereo Picnic. The 'Time to Pretend'-ers head on to Argentina and Brazil before coming north through Mexico and Puerto Rico and then presumably heading back to the States to continue work on their third album, tentatively titled ‘MGMT,’ with producer Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mogwai) at his Tarbox Road Studios in Cassadaga, N.Y.

According to Brooklyn's Intercourse Magazine (full disclosure: I work for these guys), the band’s five songs into the new album, which, if it's anything like this song, will be thoroughly weird.

Even without the psychedelic visuals behind singer Andrew VanWyngarden, the new track is drenched in drugged-out shoegaze whimsy, much different than the dance-bop that made them famous. It seems ‘MGMT’ will be another step into the strange after 2010’s experimental ‘Congratulations.’ "It would be wrong to say that we ever had pure intentions of being a mainstream band,” VanWyngarden told NME. “We began to realize that people thought of us as this electro-pop dance act. And that's really not who we are."

As for ‘Alien Days,’ it’ll probably sound better on the record -- or at the very least, not on handheld video.

Watch Live Footage of MGMT Performing New Song 'Alien Days'