Mick Harvey may still be best known for his work as a member of the Birthday Party and the Bad Seeds, but his latest album, 'FOUR (Acts of Love),' is actually the sixth solo disc of his career. And what a remarkable career it's been, including more than three decades of collaboration with Nick Cave, a partnership with PJ Harvey that helped spawn two stellar albums from the British singer and a series of his own records reinterpreting the music of French legend Serge Gainsbourg.

'FOUR (Acts of Love)' doesn't drop until June, but in the meantime, Harvey has given us a glimpse of the album via 'I Wish That I Were a Stone,' a compact, minute-and-a-half long piano hymn that certainly betrays a certain sense of Bad Seed-ish-ness but also shows that Harvey has signature sound all his own. Check it out below.

Listen to Mick Harvey's 'I Wish That I Were A Stone'

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