World-domination pop-punk music isn't the only thing that Mike Dirnt has his hands in these days. The lanky Green Day bassist is about to become a movie producer. Apparently his helping to get the band's 'American Idiot' musical ready for the big screen piqued his interests in the medium.

Dirnt, along with Green Day's manager Pat Magnarella, are collaborating on the production of a film called 'Crickets' that tells a story of promising stand-up comedian who is dying of a fatal illness.

The movie centers on the dying man's last request to have his white-collar brother, whom he's not all that close with, go onstage and perform his comedy routine to see if he was even that good.

In an interview in the Hollywood Reporter, Dirnt talks about his wife, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and how the film is a "relatable thing." He also mentions that he's sick of "junk food" movies clogging theaters today and how he wanted to put out something with a little more bite.

While we wait to see the finished goods, here's a video of Green Day working on the 'American Idiot' musical: