According to a new Hollywood Reporter article posted on a Morrissey fan site, a new biopic based on the mercurial singer is in the works. Problem is, Morrissey hasn't approved the movie about his life.

Director Mark Gill is planning on calling the film 'Steven,' after the former Smiths frontman's first name -- the one that nobody ever uses. Apparently it will focus on Moz's early years, before he was in the Smiths and became the vocal animal activist that he is today.

The feature is still in the very early stages and may not even get off the ground, especially since Morrissey himself has not approved it.

In other Moz news, at the first stop on his North American tour at the San Jose City National Civic last night, fans rushed the stage during the encore and got a little rougher than usual. The singer reacted by leaving the stage and cutting short the show.

Before he walked off, though, he premiered three new songs -- one you can watch above. The other two, plus the stage-rushing bit, are below.