Morrissey worries that the current world political situation has been designed to crush the hopes of young people – and he’s hinted that he might have lived through his own version of such an experience, which could have inspired him to create latest album Low in High School.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone – conducted before he swore off print interviews after he felt his thoughts about the Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal were misquoted – Morrissey returned to his original theme when asked if he worried about young people today. “Yes,” he replied. “With world leaders like Predicament Trump and Theresa May, we must wonder if the university generation actually had minds. This global hopelessness can only crush young people… and perhaps that is the intent?”

The hint as to inspiration came up when he was asked if there was a room he’d left behind in his life that he’d like to go back to. “I dream constantly about my old bedroom in Manchester,” he said. “I am always there, it is always 8.35 and time to walk to school, toppling into ditches of rain. Picture a swan being shot during flight.”

But he confirmed that young people still inspired him, saying, “They look up and at me with every concert. We both know we’re in the right place. There’s nowhere else to be.” Describing his audience as “full-blooded lovers” he continued, “This is why I have decided to devote the rest of my life to lust. You reach a point in life where you must go further than just looking. It’s all in the interest of science, of course.”

His words echo what he said about the title before the LP arrived in November. “My concern wanders to anyone feeing academically or spiritually low in high school, the former Smiths frontman revealed. Can young people ever be carefree again? It’s a question.”

Morrissey last week released a video for his track “Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage,” and completed a short U.S. tour, with the final date on Dec. 10 canceled due to illness.


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