As if Morrissey hasn't had enough problems over the past couple months, with a canceled tour and all that, now the singer's bodyguard is suing him.

And according to the lawsuit filed by Bradley Steyn, the famous malcontent fired the bodyguard after he refused a request by Morrissey to hurt the guy who runs the fan site

TMZ reports that Morrissey asked Steyn if the person running the website "could get hurt," and that the singer's tour manager asked if he "could be gotten rid of." Morrissey apparently felt that the website "invaded his personal life." When Steyn refused to help out, his position was terminated.

Morrissey has not responded to any of the allegations.

The former Smiths singer is making a habit of pissing people off these days. Shortly after his tour was canceled last month, he blamed opener Kristeen Young for infecting him and his crew with an illness. She denied all charges.

Here's a recent spoken-word video for 'Earth Is the Loneliest Planet' from Morrissey's latest album, 'World Peace Is None of Your Business.' We're guessing it's going to get a whole lot lonelier for Morrissey if this keeps up.