If something annoys Morrissey, you're bound to find out about it through written prose. However, like the great wordsmith that he is, Moz knows how to pack a punch without throwing down an f-bomb. So when the famously vegan icon saw a photo showing Melissa Bachman posing with the lion she just shot dead, he couldn't help but share his feelings on with the world -- or the cyber one, at least.

In 1,959 words, the ex-Smiths singer posted his thoughts in the unofficial fansite, True to You, on Nov. 16. Morrissey started off by taking shots at Bachman then linking it to the Royal Family followed by UK prime minister David Cameron, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and comedian Russell Brand. Criticizing how the UK government and Royal Family have stifled progress in Modern Britain, he did praise Brand for being the one of the few standing up to these traditional ways.

But what does shooting animals have to do with this? Morrissey puts it this way:

"I am not ashamed to admit that newspaper photographs in recent days of American TV presenter Melissa Bachman laughing as she stands over a majestic lion that had been stalked and shot dead by Bachman herself left me tearful. Although I have previously felt enraged by the asininity of U.S. congressman Paul Ryan, and political fluffhead Sarah Palin – both of whom also kill beings for fun, there is something especially lamentable about the Bachman smile of pride as the lion – a symbol of strength, heraldry and natural beauty, lies lifeless in answer to Bachman’s need for temporary amusement."

To read more and see how he compares the Queen of England to the Syrian President and what he thinks of the London riots. Check out the rest of Morrissey's entry here.