Morrissey might want the shoplifters of the world to unite and take over, but don't ask him to donate to your band's Kickstarter.

In a recent interview, Moz said he doesn't appreciate seeing other artists ask their fans directly for money. "It is a desperate measure, and insulting to your audience," he told Spanish language newspaper El País. "What's the next thing you're going to ask them to do? Brush your teeth?"

Last year, the release of his own record, World Peace is None of Your Business, was stymied after he criticized his label's promotion of it. The label, Harvest Records, promptly dropped him in response.

The album still hasn't found a permanent home. “I recently contacted some labels and all have rejected me," he told El País. "Pop music lives in the era of marketing that just leads to very low levels of competition. It is much easier [for labels] to get rid of [artists] once their six months of fame have evaporated.”

In the meantime, Morrissey plans on getting by with touring revenues, and considering he still sells out mid-sized venues, he'll be fine -- as long as he can keep himself from canceling shows just because someone in the audience touched a cheeseburger at some point in their lives.

"The only unpleasant part of [touring] is that whenever a concert is canceled, the story captures attention," he told the paper. "But, if the concert took place, it would hardly be mentioned."