Please, please, please let Morrissey get what he wants -- whatever that actually is.

While his former bodyguard is suing him for alleged breach of contract (Bradley Steyn said Moz fired him because he refused to track down and assault a man who runs a controversial fan site), Morrissey has again turned to his favorite website to talk about everything and anything that's bugging him.

In the latest installment, Morrissey lashes out at his label, Harvest Records, for what he feels has been insufficient promotion of his latest album, 'World Peace Is None of Your Business,' and thanks a trio of fans who posted their own videos for the title track on YouTube.

He also negatively mentions what he refers to as England's "so-called" royal family, blames the U.N. for never charging George W. Bush or Tony Blair with war crimes and equates meat consumption with climate change -- we think that's all.

See if you can follow his entire rant:

I am indebted to three sources that have placed their own well-crafted videos on You Tube for the song World peace is none of your business. The three individual sources are named as Sharon Jheeta, Héctor González and wpeace123456. These videos fully understand the intent of the song, and I am relieved that these films exist. Yes, a similar document ought to have been harvested by the record label, but please understand that the pop or rock industry can be as dedicated to perpetuating public deception as the world of politics itself. God bless social media!

Liberty, equality and fraternity are the essence of the song; no monarchic rule, no political hierarchies, no bought-and-paid-for government thugs, security forces no longer beyond prosecution, and an end to megalomania, repression and corruption. Meat consumption is climate change, and if ever there were a self-evident lost cause it is the British so-called "royal family". Societies have never been so nervous; Pan Am Flight 103 differs not a jot from Malaysian Flight 17. The United Nations failure to imprison Tony Blair and George W. Bush for war crimes against Iraq has told us all that there can never be enough bloodshed, and the world is suffering its worst nervous breakdown. Do not feel powerless!

Many apparently powerless causes have succeeded in shifting political stupidity and greed. You are intellectual sanity. It is possible for nonviolent change; there are more people than there are aging despots; there are more people than there are world leaders. In truth, the world is leaderless. Please stop watching Fox News; anti-monarchial Britain has given up on the BBC – we know that every slot is paid for. We know that the number 1 position on the pop charts is "bought"; this is not 1955.
Thank you to all of my friends in Israel, Chile, Sweden, Poland, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Italy who bought World peace is none of your business. It is 30 years on since The Smiths album entered the UK chart at number 2 with zero airplay and zero promotion, and the struggle for the airwaves remains difficult. Yet, I am writing this to you now, and you are reading it.

In answer to many people who have asked, I should like to finally make it clear that I have not received any television invitations – worldwide! – to either discuss World peace is none of your business, or even to sing any songs from the album.

Thank you for reading this. We have our first World peace is none of your business concert booked in Lisbon (Portugal) on October 6th.

All we have is each other.

for the animals, for intellectual sanity ...

"World Peace Is None of Your Business' -- Morrissey's 10th solo album -- was released on July 15. As part of his own publicity push, Moz has been releasing spoken word videos for songs from the record, including this one (featuring Pamela Anderson with a mom haircut) for 'Earth Is the Loneliest Planet':