Morrissey fans who turned out for the singer's Nov. 14 stop in Boulder, Colo., showed up at a sold-out theater — and went home without hearing a single song.

The Denver Post reports that roughly 15 minutes after the concert's scheduled start time, Morrissey took the stage. But instead of performing, he gave the crowd some bad news: keyboardist Gustavo Manzur had collapsed, keeping the band in a holding pattern while they figured out what was wrong.

"This is a family, we stay together, and we can’t move until we know what’s happened to him," Morrissey's quoted as saying. "We’re going to sit backstage for awhile and wait to see what’s happened to him, if there’s any magical cure."

The audience stayed put for another 20 minutes, at which point guitarist Jesse Tobias reportedly informed everyone the show had been officially canceled. "Gustavo has not gotten better," explained Tobias. "At this point, we’re not playing tonight. All of our heartfelt apologies. If anything, just say a prayer for our friend."

As the Post notes, Morrissey's recent history in terms of fulfilling concert obligations in Colorado has been pockmarked with unfortunate cancellations and delays — and although the majority of the crowd seemed to take this latest setback in stride, not everyone was so understanding: According to a fan interviewed by the paper, "One girl yelled ‘F--- you! This is the third time,’ on her way out."

The details of Manzur's condition are currently unclear, but Morrissey's next scheduled stop, for Nov. 16 in Dallas, remains on the calendar as of this writing. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for updates and ticketing information.

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