We gotta admit: Sometimes we can't tell the difference between lyrics written by mope-rock king Morrissey and lyrics written by love-totally-sucks pop queen Taylor Swift.

Take this week's lyrics challenge. The former Smiths singer is all about "tragedy" (it's so Shakespearean and very Britsh ... just like Moz!), and the dude certainly knows a thing or two about being brought down by people, works of art ... you name it, it's probably brought him down. Then again, Swift is all about happy endings -- way more so than Morrissey. So you can see how she'd choose, say, 'Sleepless in Seattle' over 'Romeo and Juliet' on movie night.

So, do you know who wrote those lyrics? Take a guess, and then click the button below to find out if you're right. It's a tough one, so don't let it bring you down if you're wrong.

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