Morrissey is beefing over beef with the Staples Center, and a day after the Los Angeles venue issued a press release saying it would not go totally vegetarian for the singer's March 1 show -- an assertion that ran contrary to reports earlier in the week -- Moz has fired back, insisting the home of the Lakers will, indeed, be completely meatless.

"Reports that the Staples Center will not be 100% vegetarian on March 1st are playfully untrue," Morrissey wrote on the site "Contractually, all McDonalds vendors shall be closed down, and the only thing burning shall be my heart."

While reps for the arena had promised to offer Moz's pompadoured minions more meat-free options, it seems that's not good enough for the outspokenly herbivorous former Smith. If he gets his way and shuts down the grills, he'll succeed where fellow animal lover Paul McCartney failed, not that he's about to gloat.

"I don't look upon it as a victory for me," Moz said earlier this week, when it was first announced that the Staples gig would be 100 percent meat-free, "but a victory for the animals."

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