The tribute-band industry is positively booming these days, with any popular rock act worth its salt likely to have at least one group of wannabe rock stars churning out covers of their hits and fan favorites in sweaty clubs the world over. But more interesting than the earnest copycats are the outrageous cover acts that put their own bizarre slant on things. Classic rock tribute act Mini Kiss -- a Kiss cover band made up entirely of little people  -- may be the most famous of the outlandish ones, but plenty of indie and alt-rock outfits also have followers doing some pretty odd portrayals. Here are the 5 Most Outrageous Tribute Bands.

  • Neutral Uke Hotel

    Neutral Uke Hotel play a simple and totally straightforward version of iconic indie band Neutral Milk Hotel's music -- except for the fact that, you know, they play everything on ukuleles (sometimes with melodica and horn accompaniment). NUH have played their four-stringed version of NMH's classic album 'In the Aeroplane Over the Sea' all across America and are known for turning their concerts into giant sing-along sessions with fans.

  • The Bitchfits

    Considering the doomed role that most females play in horror movies, the mere existence of an all-girl tribute to the Misfits, the world's first horror-punk outfit, is an especially sweet form of revenge. Dubbed the Queens of Horror, the Bitchfits bust out their own ferocious, California-fried take on the Glenn Danzig-fronted punk group's music. Added bonus: This video was shot at something called Spike's Pudding Wrestlin' Rock N Roll Fundraiser, and it features footage of the Los Angeles Renegade Roller Girls roller derby team -- you guessed it -- wrestling in pudding.

  • Gabba

    The brilliantly named Gabba play a one-of-a-kind mash-up of the Ramones and ABBA, taking the Swedish pop superstars' numerous hits and performing them in the stripped-down, sped-up style employed by the NYC punk legends. Sure, it can get grating after a couple minutes -- but hey ho, at least that's long enough for them to get through three or five songs.

  • The Radiohead Jazz Project

    Only Radiohead could inspire a private music conservatory to drop money on commissioning a team of internationally renowned jazz maestros to arrange a large selection of their tunes -- then assemble a large, all-star jazz ensemble to record the compositions.

  • No Way Sis

    Musically speaking, there's nothing particularly interesting about No Way Sis, one of the many -- some would say too many -- Oasis cover bands out there. What's notable is how damn popular they got. It's amazing to think that there was actually a time when the world was big enough for two Oases (that's the plural of Oasis), but not only did No Way Sis hit the U.K. charts with a cover of 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' (the song that inspired Oasis' 'Shakermaker') and perform on 'Top of the Pops' (twice!), but none other than Noel Gallagher called them the "second best band in the world."