Radiohead's modest 1993 debut, 'Pablo Honey,' gave no indication of the musical force that they would become. The raw emotion of 'Creep' was the first step of a grand adventure that has made the band one of modern music's top artists. Admired by their peers, praised by critics and worshiped by their fans, Radiohead have carved out their own path amid an ongoing abundance of generic rock bands. Over the course of albums like 'The Bends,' Kid A,' 'In Rainbows' and the landmark 'OK Computer,' they have upped their game at every turn. With the specter of art-school rock hanging overhead, Radiohead consistently experiment with their style and sound, refusing to be typecast. Like David Bowie, Pink Floyd, the Cure and U2 before them, their music has married the worlds of drama, intrigue and sonic exploration.

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