Mother Falcon are easily the most unique indie band we've encountered this year. The Austin-based group's list of personnel is 21 strong, and their equipment is completely acoustic, ranging from vocals to violin to bassoon. This band doesn't produce music: They are a musical production.

After three critically praised appearances at SXSW 2013, where they "tried out" material from their forthcoming sophomore effort, 'You Knew,' the band kicked off what's been a very successful IndieGoGo campaign to fund the album.

Founder and multi-instrumentalist, Nick Gregg, told Diffuser "'Dirty Summer' was written at the tail end of last summer and debuted on a rowdy tour through Mobile, Huntsville, and Birmingham, Alabama," the band tells "The song is very much about the crisis at the intersection of youth and adulthood. Everyone in the band is going through the same things and dealing with them in what is sometimes the worst way possible, as young adults often do. I guess this song is our ode to both the liberated summer and maturing.”

The indie orchestra releases the danceable, jazz-kissed 'You Knew' on May 7.

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