To the dismay of anyone who appreciates a good, clever pop-punk blast, Motion City Soundtrack announced last week they're officially disbanding. “We have no idea what the future holds, but for now we are done,” the band wrote in a Facebook update.

Of course the future is a mystery, but the past of MCS is filled with quirky, hyper-catchy rock that deserves critical reappraisal. Frontman Justin Pierre led the band – guitarist Joshua Cain, bassist Matthew Taylor, keyboardist Jesse Johnson and drummer Tony Thaxton (and later, Claudio Rivera) – on a path that saw the band perfect an affable punk sound that elevated them to the upper echelon of Warped Tour acts.

To celebrate their legacy, here we rank each of the six MCS albums – from the band's early days as At the Drive-In acolytes through their focused, poppy peak and into their latest efforts. Go forth into the night, Motion City Soundtrack, and may your future be as exciting and unpredictable as Justin Pierre's hair.

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