If you were to go back to 1995 and ask everyone who they think might be the most important songwriter a decade after Y2K, it's doubtful all that many people would say the guy from the "Loser" video.

But, during the past two decades, Beck has slowly and steadily shifted from being the poster kid for '90s slackerdom into one of the most fearless and poetic artists in music. Thanks to his folk proficiency and uncanny hip-hop sensibility, he's essentially had two careers: one as a party-starting, sample-happy wordsmith and the other as a more sincere acoustic troubadour. And, as the 2015 Grammys proved when Morning Phase was named Album of the Year, he's nowhere near finished yet.

Check out our list of Beck's best albums ranked in order of awesomeness below. While lists like this are obviously always subjective, it especially applies when you're talking about a musician with such an eclectic catalog.

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