Like most music festivals these days, you're gonna have a hard time keeping up with all the bands playing at this year's Mountain Jam, which takes place June 6-9 at the Hunter Mountain ski resort in Hunter, N.Y. More than four dozen artists are scheduled to perform. So unless you've invented some sort of awesome machine that will allow you to be in more than one place at a time, you'll have to make some tough choices. We're here to help with our list of 5 Can't-Miss Bands at Mountain Jam 2013.

  • The Avett Brothers

    The Avett Brothers got to the whole bluegrass-revival thing way before Mumford and Sons did. And they're better at it. Plus, they're American, so the music comes naturally to them. Led by a pair of North Carolina siblings, the Avetts have released seven albums since 2002. We recommend 2009's 'I and Love and You.'

  • The London Souls

    These New York City rockers borrow some heavy riffing from the past, incorporating sludgy, bluesy grooves from late-'60s bands like Cream into their own take on new-millennium indie rock. And they're not afraid to shred. Take a listen to 'I Think I Like It,' one of our favorites by the band.

  • The Lumineers

    This indie-folk group from Denver slowly built up a local club following over the past several years until their inescapable hit 'Ho Hey' made them stars last year. Like everyone else, Taylor Swift sang along to their hit at the Grammys. You'll be singing, too. Don't miss this one.

  • Primus

    After a 12-year break, Primus got back together in 2011 and released one of their best albums, 'Green Naugahyde.' Time hasn't tamed these funky indie prog experimental metal music-makers a bit. Best of all: They amp it up onstage, so prepare to sweat along with them.

  • White Denim

    This Austin-based quartet consistently throws curveballs. One minute, they're garage-rock titans bringing all the fuzz and pounding drums. The next, they're psych-rockers drifting off in a smoky buzz. And then they get all ambitious on songs like 'Street Joy,' a mini guitar epic that could be a prom-night make-out tune.

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