Size matters to singer Mark Arm: He prefers things petite. "I’ll take GG Allan," Arm spits out on the new Mudhoney single 'I Like It Small,' referring to the oft-naked late gutter-punk legend with the infamously tiny penis, "over Long Dong Silver any time."

'Small,' the second and latest track to arrive off of the band's forthcoming ninth studio album, ‘Vanishing Point,' is vintage Mudhoney, with fuzzy blues licks layered on top of a steady, solid beat serving as fertile sonic ground for Arm's ramblings on all things diminutive. The song follows ‘The Only Son of the Widow From Nain,' the first track to surface off 'Vanishing Point' ahead of the disc's April 2 release. Check 'I Like It Small' below.

Listen to Mudhoney's 'I Like It Small'